Looking for an opportunity in the Aquaculture Industry, here's your opportunity to participate in the growth of an exciting and expanding global business.

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Pacific Ocean Culture PTE Limited operates a series of developing and operational marine and freshwater hatchery and grow out facilities in several locations in Fiji. Our mandate is to provide organic sustainable seafood to the Pacific Region.

We are looking to recruit a range of staff for our various locations.

Key requirements:
• To be versatile, flexible and passionate
• Possess a strong work ethic
• Good communication skills
• Willing to work in remote locations
• Champion for environmentally sustainable aquaculture practices
• Working knowledge of WHS practices
• Valid Driver’s Licence

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and this unique opportunity is open for the ideal candidates to participate in the growth of an exciting global business.

The candidates shall be involved in the expansion and further development of our finfish and invertebrate aquaculture for both commercial and communities operations.

Opportunities currently exist for the following positions:
• Freshwater Production Supervisor
• Laboratory Manager
• Fin Fish Nursery Manager
• Feed Mill Manager
• Fish Processing Facility Manager
• Hatchery and Production Technicians (Marine)
• Hatchery and Production Technicians (Freshwater)
• Community Aquaculture Liaison Officer
• Farm Maintenance Personnel

Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Ltd supports capability development in the sector and in alignment with recent Government initiatives consideration will also be given to suitable candidates filling the following criteria:
• New graduates in the sector
• Full-time degree students seeking part-time positions or work placement positions
• New employees (first job)
• Applicants with a disability

Please submit your resume to the Human Resource Manager of Pacific Ocean Culture PTE Limited  info@pacificoceanculture.com

Addressing how you demonstrate:
• the required experience skills and knowledge for the position you are applying for
• your commercial experience or relevant studies
• the key requirements for the staff of Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Limited
• three recent relevant professional referees