Best Aquaculture Practice

Pacific Ocean Culture hatcheries are overseen by our highly experienced aquaculturists. Production methods engaged utilise international best aquaculture practices that ensure a year round supply of a premium quality product.

We meticulously select our broodstock each year to build the genetic profile of our species utilising natural growth techniques. These high performers result in premium products for our customers.

Tilapia Hatchery

Egg collection is an exciting day at the farm where the hatchery produces in a recurring ten-day cycle.

The eggs are carefully collected from the females using a manual process to ensure the animal undergoes minimal stress. Onto the incubator jars, designed to replicate the natural rolling undertaken in the mother’s mouth. The eggs are closely monitored until maturity and when the natural egg sack feeding them is complete.

Giant Prawn Hatchery

Pacific Ocean Culture Giant Blue Prawns are kings of the dinner table!

By ensuring our broodstock are fed a premium protein diet, the prawns produced for your meals are a flavoursome affair.

The finest breeders have been hand-selected from the ponds and stocked in the tanks in the ratio to replicate nature. This ensures harmony in the mating process until the gravids spawn. Larvae is nurtured using the careful balance between aeration, feed, salinity levels and temperature.