Our Team

Aquaculture Experts, Accomplished Environmentalists

Our integrated business model demonstrates our dedication to the environment. The results of this commitment are seen through the healthy, sustainable products and distinctly pure natural flavours.

Our staff training and development is devoted towards ensuring this philosophy is adhered to in every stage as we respond responsibly to the food needs of Fijians and our international clientele.

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Christian Ryan an internationally recognized aquaculture, seafood industry and development specialist leads the company as CEO. He brings with him over 25 years of combined industry work experience and outstanding professional credentials in Australia, Africa, Europe and throughout the Pacific. His vision sets the benchmark.

Production Team

With Pacific wide experience in multi-species hatcheries, grow out ponds and commercial harvest for both the domestic and export consumer, the team is managed by Pacific Islanders with the long term vision of sustainable quality product for the region as their goal. Offering their experience to training and capability development of new recruits and internships, Pacific Ocean Cultures management team provides exciting succession opportunities.

Processing Team

Employed from the rural areas of Navua, this pool of local women have been trained at the strictest levels of food safety and processing requirements to ensure the finest quality of products. This dedicated and tireless team is the true core of the business as they are responsible for all stages of product processing, packaging and distribution.