Nursery Raceways

Tilapia and Giant Blue Prawns

Nursery Raceways are where the nurturing is undertaken. When the fish and prawns leave the hatchery, our nursery raceways enable us to closely track their growth rate and health prior to releasing them into the ponds and grow out cages.

Pacific Island Duna & Namarai

Sustaining & Celebrating the conservation of the Pacific Island Eel. Science & Aquaculture restoring nature. (Tip: use subtitles/captions for viewing)

Posted by Pacific Ocean Culture on Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Navua is home to the freshwater eel and favourable conditions ensure their robust growth. Glass eels are selected during their twice-yearly migration from the ocean and nurtured in our raceways.

These are a local delicacy rich in protein and highly succulent. We enable the sustainability of this ancient creature by assisting their annual breeding cycle transition.